About Us

DTBCLASSICS has over 200,000 in counting followers on our Facebook page in less than oneĀ YEAR. Our goal is give back to the VHS culture by making video clips go viral, while educating the newer generation, and providing memories with Classic videos! We are the new “Where are they now” page to find out what happened to the people who were viral before viral was viral!

#Dailythrowbackclassics “DTBClassics” Is dedicated to bringing back many forgotten memories to people by sharing video clips from VHS tapes via social media that was recorded when first aired from the late 80s, 90s, and early 00s. Before there was the internet, and before anyone could get recognized from going viral, DTBClassics gives those people a chance who were viral famous before their time, a chance to go viral during this new social media era!

The creator/founder Jessika “Jessakaybits” Neal, a up & coming rapper/producer/engineer/songwriter started The DTBClassics fb page in January 2017, and since then the page has over 120k followers in counting, and reaches millions of people every week. Jessakay Bits wanted to give back to the culture by sharing video clips from her VHS collection that she started to record herself as early as 6 years old. Today she has took her passion for recording on VHS, to now recording music, and using her VHS collection to inspire her production, with the intention to bring back the happy times when life was so simple.

Our mission is to help those people who contributed to the almost forgotten culture, who might have been forgotten or overlooked shine via social media! Helping people really go back in time for a short moment to exactly where they were when they first seen the video clips. To help educate the younger generation who might of missed out on the classic comedy, music, and culture of those times.

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