DTBCLASSICS goal is give back to the culture by uploading VHS clips from the late 80s,90s, and early 00s to social media, educating the newer generation, and providing memories to the older generations with content of classic pop culture. The new “Where are they now” blog to find out what happened to the people who were viral before viral was viral, how throwback culture influences social media culture, and embracing throwback culture daily. 

#Dailythrowbackclassics “DTBClassics” Is dedicated to bringing back many forgotten memories to people by sharing video clips from VHS tapes via social media that was recorded when first aired from the late 80s, 90s, and early 00s. Before there was the internet, and before anyone could get recognized from going viral, DTBClassics gives those people a chance who were viral famous before their time, a chance to go viral during this new social media era!

The DTBCLASSICS Facebook page is now at over 237k followers. The creator/founder Xennial Reign, a rapper/producer/entrepreneur started The DTBClassics in January 2017, and since then the page reaches millions of people every week. Xennial Reign ( Generation X combined with Millennial ) wanted to give back by sharing video clips from her VHS collection that she started to record since the late 80s to early 00s when VHS culture went obsolete. Never throwing away her VHS collection, today she has took her passion for recording on VHS, & shared it with the social media era with the intentions to bring back the happy times, feelings of nostalgia, and for educational purposes to remind people that if we don’t know where we been, then the future looks blurry. Check out Xennial Regin’s Website for Music,  Business, and social media marketing coaching.  


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