Is Tommy Davidson Underrated?

When I think of the actor/comedian Tommy Davidson the first things that pop in my head is his prince impression on Robert Townsend’s “Partners In Crime” that aired on HBO in the late 80s, his work on the epic comedy sketch show “In living color”, and his stand up comedy special called ” Illin’ in Philly”. All of these things always make me bust out laughing no matter what I’m doing!! I think it’s very interesting that nobody ever brings up Tommy Davidson for being one of the funniest comedians from his time. People either say he is funny as hell or not funny at all. It wasn’t until I posted a clip of Tommy Davidson’s comedy special “Illin’ in Philly” is when I realized that most people don’t even realize who he is, barely remember him from In Living Color, or they’re surprised that he is as funny as he is! In my opinion he is one of the funniest to ever do it, but does not get the props he deserves for whatever reason.

Here is a clip from Tommy Davidson’s stand up comedy special ” Illin’ in Philly” which was one of my all time favorite comedy specials from the 90s period hands down!!

From the comments of the video it looks like most people from the newer generation doesn’t know who he is, doesn’t remember his name, or are just super surprised that he is even as funny as he is. I really want to know why has he been overlooked in comedy? He did not even make Comedy Central’s top 100 Comedians of all time!!? I am confused and need some answers asap lol

Here is some screenshots of some comments left on our Facebook page under this video clip……..

Tommy Davidson is funny as hell, but it doesn’t seem like he get’s recognized for it! Is it because it’s a new day, and he hasn’t appealed to the newer generation as much? Is it because nobody remembers how funny he is? Do you think Tommy Davidson is funny, corny, or you do you even know who he is? Do you think he might be one of the most underrated comedians of all time!? Comment your opinions below!!